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Virtual Nutritional Consultations with Rachelle O’Connor

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Please read a few of the results from working with a nutritionist to attain your health goals!

Welcome to on-line coaching that can be used anywhere at anytime!

Rachelle’s Key Role as Your Coach

Many years ago we often heard the expression that, “we are what we eat!” However, times have changed and we now understand that not only is it important to eat a variety of whole, natural foods, we also need to understand that, “we are what we absorb”. The personal bond that we have with our food choices is very deep – we need to seek to understand then to apply our knowledge to make these changes long lasting so as to enjoy the best quality of life possible. I want to help you achieve your goals, I want to see you transform your mind, body and spirit through proper nutrition and exercise! I will share my knowledge, assisting your to reach new nutritional plateaus like building blocks on a long path to optimal health and success!

Feeling healthy and full of energy is an amazing feeling…..YOU can do it!


Improve mental clarity, increase your energy level, improved skin – look younger, improve your mind-body-spirit connection, boost your metabolism, grow your knowledge on nutrition and wholesome food choices, read labels – knowledge is power when you know what you are consuming, balance hormone levels, boost immunity, cleanse your body, revitalize your internal organs, minimize free-radical damage, replenish your vitamins and minerals, improve your digestions, boost enzyme production, improve sleep quality AND SMILE MORE …because you ARE worth it!!!


It would be my absolute pleasure to welcome you to the start of a life changing experience.

  • Simply click on the option that you wish to register for
  • You will be sent the link to fill out the assessment forms on-line and e-mail back.
  • Next, an in-depth nutritional analysis will be conducted.
  • Followed by a 30 minute pre-booked info session with Rachelle via telephone or skype to attain any missing information
  • Via e-mail you will receive your e-nutrition portfolio with recommendations and guidelines to assist you achieve your goals.

$265.00 (without coaching calls)

You have the option to add-in proven long-term success weekly coaching calls, pre-booked to review your accomplishments and/or challenges that you may encounter along your personal journey. Together we can achieve your goals! You will receive daily notes of inspiration, reflection and/or health and wellness related articles.

Nutritional Assessment with Coaching Calls:

4 week program.....$335.00

8 week program.....$395.00

16 week program.....$495.00

Please note: All pricing is in Canada/US Funds.
To start your nutritional consultation process, please contact Rachelle at