Nutrition with Rachelle O'Connor

Even as a young child growing up in Cape Breton Island, I exuded a passion for healthy twists on traditional fare and loved to entertain. This still holds true today. I obtained my formal initiation into the world of nutrition from St. F.X. University and later attended the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I have been involved in the health and wellness industry for over twenty years and I continue to be fascinated by the complexity and power inherent in the world of nutrition. Communicating the latest findings from nutritional research is both rewarding and invigorating. My challenge is to build bridges between the client and their nutritional needs, clarifying associated pros and cons, and customizing achievable healthy options to ensure progress.

My eagerness to promote a broader understanding and respect for the power of nutrition is evidenced in my seminars, consultations, and public engagements. Clients are encouraged to explore their relationship with food, become informed about their biochemical individuality, and to identify their personal goals and aspirations. In essence, fostering a sense of ownership and making healthier choices is empowering, rewarding and uplifting.

I was the owner/operator of a successful restaurant for many years in the ByWard Market of Ottawa and made many appearances as the local nutritionist on CTV and CBC Radio.